What do most people want in relationships?


friends on a bench by the water

Someone, just one person who lights up when they walk into a room.

Someone who knows how to listen and be present.

Someone who can create and hold space for their life experience, their emotions, their need to process.

Someone who doesn’t need to be entertained.

Someone who allows them to be themself including all their quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Someone who wants them in their life.

Someone who has clear boundaries and enforces them.

Someone who challenges them to grow yet encourages the process.

Someone who has their back.

Someone who can relate.

Someone who tries to understand their point of view, their differences of opinion without making it a matter of who is right - simply to understand.

Someone to introduce new experiences, shared experiences into their life - an adventure buddy, a coach or mentor.

Someone willing to think deep thoughts with them.

Someone to keep them in check, be a sounding board.

Someone willing to unplug and think of nothing at all with them.

Someone who is able to give them space to be alone.

Someone who invites them to join in.

Someone who sends thinking of you messages.

Someone who respects their thoughts, opinions, intelligence and intuition.

Someone who recognizes relationships are reciprocal and require effort on both sides.

Someone who makes them feel seen, heard, understood and important.

Do you have that someone in your life?

If not...

Be that someone.

Learn how to light up when another walks into the room, make space for others, be present and listen, be companionable, authentic, invite others in, allow space for others to be, give others space to be alone,  share your vulnerabilities, have someone else’s back, be a sounding board, challenge and encourage others, have and enforce boundaries, think of others, and make others feel seen, heard, understood and important.  

Being that person is a good step in the direction of filling your life with beauty, companionship, love and mutual respect.