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Are you frustrated that all the effort you have put into doing life right isn’t working for you?

Do you find you go to bed exhausted, then can’t sleep and wake up groggy and cloudy?

Are some things in life going well, yet there’s a nagging feeling that something is just off?

Have you tried positive thoughts, affirmations and not complaining, but you still don’t feel better?

Do you Identify yourself as an Adult Child of an Alcoholic or dysfunctional family, or a person who has lost themselves due to a chaotic relationship?

Maybe you feel something is wrong with you… nobody else seems to be bothered by the things that bother you.

I welcome you and thank you for checking out my site. I hope that you can find something that resonates here.  I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and it is my honor to work with individuals from childhood through adulthood who want to unlearn some of what is holding them back and learn new ways of interacting with the world.  People who work with me typically complain of stress, anxiety, trauma, relationship troubles, and difficulty with change, life transitions or LGBTQ concerns. Often people are working through their own recovery and find that there are still pieces that they seek to grow past.  My clients recognize what they are doing is no longer working and have decided to take concrete steps to move beyond that obstacle.

Interestingly, it appears that people who feel they emotionally overreact are the very ones who will admit they have no clue how they are feeling.  And the strong, silent types have no idea that the emotions they see in others are actually a feedback tool they can access to help them live a more connected and vibrant life.  Emotional fluency is one of the key tools I utilize in my practice.

Curious? Look around, stay as long as you’d like.

How I Can Help You

My Specialties


Anxiety Counseling

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Do you struggle with anxious feelings on a daily basis?

Life Transitions

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Are you having trouble adjusting to a big life change or two?

Chronic Illness

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Do you struggle with managing stress and/or chronic illness?



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Do you feel lost in your relationships? Have you lost a connection?


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Do you feel confused or misunderstood? Are you afraid to reveal who you truly are?

Meet Lynette

Lynette Kreidler

Learn more about Lynette Kreidler's story and how she can help you.